The Mission

"As a child I was dragged around the country for ‘walks’ by my parents. I moaned and never wanted to actually leave the important social gathering in the alley behind my parents home, or the 'draw' computer game draw on my dad’s borrowed Acorn computer, but once I was out, I was always tearing ahead and desperate to see the views, time was no longer relevant on those walks, I have no idea how long they lasted, all I know is that afterwards my little sister would be congratulated for having walked 7 miles, and both of us would end up in a country pub with a packet of Smith’s salt and vinegar crisps and a half pint of coke. This is what family life looked like to me, a mess of knitwear, my mum carrying my sister on her hip, my dad talking to me about the world, and me going between both parents, never wanting one to be left alone too long, or the other to think I favoured one. My sister and I rarely bickered, but on these walks we were in a world of our own, we were field mice, or squirrels or orphans. I guess this was as close to mindfulness as life could get because while we were there we didn’t think about our alley way, or our computer, or our cuddly toys. We were just there being a family. I don’t think I felt like that again as an adult until I picked up a camera and got lost in the great British countryside again. And it was splendid, becoming a photographer, without a studio meant that I had to pay attention to nature, to light, to respect the elements and work with and around them. What I wanted was an honest portrayal of the beautiful moments of my childhood and what I believe should be an entitlement of every child. Connection. Connection with nature and connection between the family. Over the last six years Dimples and Daisies has evolved, and transfigured and grown and shrunk and at times deviated from its mission, but now it is back where it was when it first came to be. The photos are of course much improved, but the mission is where it began. Connection. Honest, wholesome, relaxed connection. To those of you who have watched the journey of this company, you will never know what your support has meant to me, forever and ever, my team and I thank you. To those of you who have recently stumbled upon it, please know that for the 1000s of families we have shot, each one of them is special to us and each one has taught us how to listen, to laugh and to always want to be better. We plan to never stop growing because we believe that every child should have moments like these to look back on, and that these photos are not just images, but moments of childhood magic that one day will be recalled by looking back at photos. Of their arms round our necks, their chubby hands in ours and the way that they looked up at us and love poured out of everyones eyes."

- Jen

Founder of Dimples and Daisies