Seasonal Family at Dimples & Daisies

Our seasonal families, unique to Dimples and Daisies, celebrate all the seasons. We are constantly location scouting around Portsmouth and surrounding areas, to make sure we offer only the best and most beautiful locations. From spring to winter, we have got you covered. All of our seasonal photoshoots are for limited times across the year, if you’re unsure whether it’ll be offered at a time that suits you, just send us a message here and see what’s on. These sessions are about creating a magical experience for your little ones, as they get to adventure and explore a space they could only have imagined before. We have exclusive access to all our locations; they are free to roam and explore the lavender, daffodils, bluebells, corn and more. During the sessions the focus can be on whoever you would like, but we generally aim to capture the bond between your loved ones. We don’t pose, but instead offer light direction so that we can capture only the most natural of laughter, play and emotion. These photoshoots were formed out of our underlying hope to consistently bring children and nature closer together, to encourage the adventurous spirit and beliefs in all the magical, imaginative things that children can create and do. Scroll down to see what shoots we offer.


Party in the Bluebells at Dimples & Daisies

It is truly a magical moment, when the green forest changes so suddenly into fields of purple. Sunlight streams through the trees, lighting up your little's faces as they explore a magical forest. They can search for fairies in the flowers, or dinosaurs in the trees. As always, we will focus on capturing the love and bond between you and your littles in the most natural way, with little direction and a whole lot of tickling.


Party in the Daffs at Dimples & Daisies

Daffodils are one of the first signs that Springtime is here, and this shoot is all about capturing colour, excitement and joy as your little ones run along fields of yellow, having those first Springtime giggles! Fun yet relaxed, this shoot focuses on the bond between you and your littles, getting back to nature after the long Winter, and making memories to cherish all year long. 


Blossom Mini Sessions at Dimples & Daisies

The trees only blossom for a few weeks out of the year, and we intend to make the time count! This is a must-have seasonal shoot for any family. Think simple linen rompers or dresses for your littles, and a plain light shirt or floaty dress for yourselves. Dappled light brightens their beautiful eyes, they can play on our shabby chic step ladder, reach high into the branches and search for all the fairies and have a few snuggles with you as well.


Babes in the River at Dimples & Daisies

One of our most iconic family sessions, Babes in the River is perfect for the adventurous; it'll capture the Goddess in you, and some beautiful memories for your little ones. They can paddle in the river, splash and play, and snuggle up in your arms. Mums can go graceful and embrace the inner Goddess with our collection of lace, chiffon and linen dresses, or stick with simple and sleek in jeans and no top. Dads can stick with linen shirts/topless and jeans. We love shooting skin-on-skin, the river compliments it so beautifully; it is perfect for breastfeeding shoots, and capturing that bond between you

and your little ones!


Party in the Rose Gardens at Dimples & Daisies

Everyone loves roses, and a visit to the Rose Gardens can be an adventure, and a perfect place to make some beautiful memories. Linen rompers, dresses and shirts compliment the romantic flowers perfectly. Natural loose waves, real smiles and a romantic setting await you and your loved ones in our gorgeous Rose Gardens shoot. The littles can smell the roses (apparently they all smell like chocolate... or apples... it is undecided.) while you and your other half steal a kiss. The perfect shoot for couples, families and your little ones!


Party on the Pebbles at Dimples & Daisies

We love working by the sea, and the little ones love running over the pebbles, paddling in the ocean and splashing in the surf. We can build sand castles, explore the beach huts, jump in the sea and more during our Party on the Pebbles shoot. Not only is it a fantastic location for capturing the precious bonds between you and your family, but it is an amazing space to photograph your littles as they explore and hunt for the bestest seashells and the coolest dinosaur fossils!


Love in the Lavender at Dimples & Daisies

Our most iconic shoot, Love in the Lavender is a family favourite every year. For a couple of days in July, we offer this fantastically unique location. The little ones adore it, the fields are so purple, the scent so sweet. The wonder and amazement in their little faces as butterflies flutter from flower to flower, as they race down lanes to see who is fastest... The lavender is as magical a place as we could have ever dreamed. Floaty dresses, linen shirts, teeny-weeny bow-ties, styling for this shoot is a must-have. Bring a picnic and make a day out of it, as the field is exclusively ours every day we book it.

Make a unique experience and capture every second of it, by booking Love in the Lavender today.


Party in the Sunflowers at Dimples & Daisies

Do you and your family love Summer as much as we do?! Captured in the heat of Summer, our sunflower shoot celebrates every second of sunshine. Your littles can run around the fields, seeing if they can find the most yellow flower of them all. Run after them, get in ticklefights, lift them up and see if they can be taller than the sunflowers. 


Storytelling in the Corn at Dimples & Daisies

This shoot is great for boys and girls, that love to run around and adventure! Give them a memory they’ll never forget as they explore fields of gold, exclusively for Dimples and Daisies clients for the day. It’s a great way to celebrate the summer tans and sun-bleached hair. They can go topless or wear some cute dungarees and bow ties. Perfect for families that adore the summer, and kids that just love to run around.