BTS Storytelling at Sunset on the Hill

The other day I tagged along to Christy's photoshoot for Sunset on the Hill, to take some behind the scenes shots for you all. This was my first time at the hill and I cannot even explain in words how BEAUTIFUL that place is. It feels unreal. Everything glows. The hillside goes on forever, and there are these teeny tiny flowers along the grass that lights up when the sun hits. It was an evening unforgettable.

Our clients arrived and they were such a wonderful family, full of light and love for one another. They were dressed so perfectly for the hill, the boys in little shirts and linen dungarees, Dad in a white shirt and Mum was wearing this insanely beautiful dress that flowed everywhere. We set up and waited for a moment; the sun was absolutely perfect.

Christy inspires play, and the clients were so playful with one another. It was a night of connection, of love, of laughter and beauty. I created a short film from the evening, as I feel that words cannot describe how perfect it was. These films will now be available for all of our Storytelling and Sunset shoots, when you pre-order the top package deal.

Have a look below to see what happened that beautiful evening, during Sunset on the Hill.

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