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photography & business course

New for 2021, we are bringing you our Zero to Hero photography course. Open to beginners and professionals alike, this course will teach you everything you need to know from picking up your camera, finding the light and editing your images. Our photography course is 8 weeks long, with an optional extra 4 week business course - to help you make money, build a long-lasting client base and find your niche, all while doing something you love!

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Our Zero to Hero Photography Courses begin January 11th 2021.


We offer both Photography 8 week and Business 4 week courses, teaching you everything you need to know about photography, finding your style, editing workflows, working with the public and how to make money out of doing what you love!


The full course includes:



Week 1 - Taking a photo and uploading it to your computer

Week 2 - Playing with Light

Week 3 - Playing with Colour

Week 4 - Playing with Emotion

Week 5 - Playing with Composition

Week 6 - Inspire Me

Week 7 - Finding my Style

Week 8 - Gimme a Project


Week 9 - Working with the Public

Week 10 - Making Money

Week 11 - Solid Plan

Week 12 - I know my Niche


£3000 - Photography 8 Week Course

£2000 - Business 4 Week Course

£5000 - Photography & Business 12 Week Course