Newborn Sessions at Dimples & Daisies

These sessions are run by our newborn specialists, and based in our studio in Southsea. Every part of the shoot is designed to make the experience as relaxing, calm and comfortable both for the baby and the new parents. You’ll be called prior to the shoot to go over what the shoot will entail and any questions or ideas you may have. On the day of your photo shoot, you will be greeted with hot drinks and snacks, and given time to get comfortable before we begin. We know all the tips and tricks to keep your precious newborn soothed and happy throughout the shoot. Please note that this shoot is aimed at babies between 5 days and 4 weeks old, for older babies you can browse our sitter and studio galleries here.


The Newborns...

For the newborn themselves, we aim to keep props and outfits to a minimum so as to focus on the timeless, natural beauty of the newborn. The shoot can include simple wraps, taking advantage of how sweet and squishy they are. We’ll tuck them up into our softest baby blankets and capture their tiny fists and big bright eyes. We aim to photograph them both asleep and awake. Fresh flowers can be requested upon shoot booking, if you’d like some shots that are more decorative; add a personal touch by making them flowers that mean something to you or your family. The lifestyle way in which we shoot your newborn has been carefully constructed by us, as we want the images to reflect those early characters, the little things they do that make you smile; the first tufts of hair, the little yawns... The gallery becomes more than just photos, as they’ll be a treasured memory for both you and your child forever.

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The Big Brothers and Sisters...

Does your newborn have a big brother or sister? We know how beautiful siblings can be together, how the eldest becomes protective, loving, doting on their little one. Capturing that bond from the very beginning can be such a wonderful thing to look back on and that’s why we always welcome siblings to participate in the shoot. If they’re old enough, they can hold them, and if not, they can lie next to them, give them little forehead kisses and hold their tiny hand. The images will melt your heart, and make the perfect gift for any grandparents out there!

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Mum and Dad...

We love getting parents involved in newborn sessions. Those early days when they’re so tiny can go so quickly, and having memories that you can look at always becomes a blessing. We know it can be a bit nerve wracking getting in front of the camera, but it makes something really special for your little one to look back on, to see how obsessed you were with their tiny toes and first smiles... Of course, if you don’t want to be in them, we can always have just your hands holding them, or close shots of them in your arms. We welcome breastfeeding and love photographing feeding too, if it’s something you’d like to capture.

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The Little Details...

Oh the little details. They’re the things we can forget as time goes on. Maybe they’re a little lizard, tongue always poking out. Or perhaps those first tufts of hair, which never ever lie flat no matter what you do. The first curl, the way their toes wiggled when they yawned. It’s difficult to explain how tiny their squishy nose was, or how long and soft their lashes were. Having images like these serve to remind you of every tiny detail, even when they start to grow out of them. We love the little details, and during the shoot we will pick up on some, and ask you for others, to make sure we capture every aspect of your gorgeous little newborn.

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