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Dimples and Daisies Photography evoke everything I care the most about in one picture. Family, love, joy and nature. The photos that this exquisite team create are nothing short of magic and every photo I see takes my breath away. I spent my childhood in nature, laughing with my best friends that were like sisters and we enjoyed every moment of that. Long days spend roaming through fields and forests, enjoying the warm haze as the sun set across the golden landscape. I thought as I grew older that the love and joy created from those carefree moments were treasured but distant memories... that was until I started working for Dimples and Daisies and the team reminded me that magic is everywhere you look, you just have to remember to believe in it.

As a FaceTime photographer I hope to capture those special moments between families from the comfort of their own homes and I can’t wait to hold space for anyone unsure of their colours and help them figure out what their palette is so that they get the most of their experience with us.