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"My childhood was filled with fantasy and magic. Living in a yurt amidst a bluebell wood, playing pirates in a lake with my Dad, climbing trees and eating picnics on the branches... Every memory, every moment, was an adventure. When I started working at Dimples, I realised that magic is still here, for every child that walks through our door is shown the world I remember so clearly, one where every bluebell holds a fairie, every tree is the tallest in the world, and every river is filled with magic and mermaids. This isn't just another photography company, it is the entrance to the magical world where a child's imagination and adventurous heart is free to roam and play."

For me, photography is about capturing the intimacy and connection between people that love each other. It is about every subtle touch, that loose strand of hair that always curls behind their ear, those little moments where their tiny fists hold your finger. It is about freezing the moments that otherwise go way too fast. The kisses between mum and dad, those first twirling dances of your little ones, and the way they look up at you when feeding. I work for both Liberty and Dimples, and I find that the holding of space for Liberty is just as integral to working with mums, dads and your little ones too. As a photographer, you will find a down-to-earth, calm space - one where your littles are free to roam around, with gentle hints over strict posing, and the capturing of real giggles and tickles.

You'll likely find me at our motherhood sessions, but most especially our bump to baby packages. I'll capture you pregnant, and then again with a baby in your arms. I love working with couples, from the sweet to sensual, the ones that want to jump around in their undies and the ones that want to paddle in the surf and fall into each other's arms. For me, Dimples is quite simply about love, and capturing that, to have something to hold onto forever, and for your children to cherish.

You can see some of my work below: